About me


Hello my friend

The following diction delivers a small insight to myself. I’m not a person who likes to and talk about things I’ve achieved or experienced so don’t feel offended if you can’t find more details about me. My estimation is; Listen to my music and make your own cogitations of what you heard, see, live and live to see.
Then prepare to make up your mind after you have listen my music.
In the following paragraphs I just describe in simple sentences where I find and what I feel about music.
I started my career in the early nineties. In diverse juvenile- and culture projects, and acquired experience in a world of indefinite possibilities.
In 1996, I arranged the party organisation Marylin Musique (short M&M) which culminated in the opening in 1997 of the “ THE PRIVAT CLUB” (a small private club in the heart of Basel) my Alma Matta. From organising I also undertook to make music and visit so many clubs and events as a DJ or Vocalist.

Playing endlessly the rhythms, ideas, thoughts and messages from all other musicians around the world was too self restricting for me. I wanted to implement my own ideas and feelings and tried to make my own contribution to the music industry.

In various Music projects and live-performances I have called attention to my musical talent to the enthusiasm of audiences.

With the finishing of the M&M Music-Studios came the possibility for me to make and produce music virtually unlimited.
It’s just amazing, to sit there with some friends or like-minded people and learn the precious cultures and things to understand and melt into one.
The Language of music I have learned with all these experiences still fascinates me today and give so much that I can’t explain.

Where ever I am, I try consistently to entertained my audience with the freshness and energy of my show and if you attend any one of my shows anywhere then please com up and say hello



Pierre Piccarde is a friend of Life, Love and the Night. The pursuit of peace and freedom is the cornerstone of his music..



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